DW Brandy

Made with Wisconsin pride & standards. Ask for it wherever brandy is sold.

(In Wisconsin)


Damn Good Brandy

DW Brandy is Wisconsin in a bottle. It’s bold and smooth, with Port finish and special attention given to nuances of full-bodied flavor. Mix it in a cocktail, or simply enjoy over ice.


A Brandy to Call Our Own

It doesn’t get more Wiscaaahnsin than visiting a supper club and ordering a Brandy Old Fashioned. Perhaps that’s why Wisconsinites represent brandy’s largest fan base, consuming a third of all brandy produced in the United States.

Our love for the distilled spirit goes back to our German heritage. Our ancestors were accustomed to drinking brandy made from European grapes, and when they emigrated to the states, well, bye bye brandy. Knowing our penchant for the sweet stuff, three brothers from California decided to debut their brandy at the World’s Fair in Chicago in 1893.

Wisconsinites loved the juice so much, we’ve been drinking it for over a hundred years. But, it’s time we have a brandy to call our own. DW Brandy is 40% alcohol and 100% Wisconsin by volume. No state deserves its own brandy quite like Wisconsin. After all, we’re our own best customers.


Ya know Yous Want It

Finally, you can give your Wisconsin customers a brandy that’s made and bottled to Wisconsin standards. Contact Drink Wisconsinbly Beverage Company for more info on bringing DW Brandy to your shelves!